Consultancy (Per Hour Sessions)


Consultancy (Per Hour Sessions)


Ask me if it’s possible and I’ll show you how.

Are you returning to work or looking to pivot your skills into your own creative or styling business?

Or perhaps you are new or established brand or freelancer who needs direction finding your authentic creative voice so you can elevate your brand to the next level?

Read on to see how I can help you.

Note: Once you have booked your session, I will be in touch to arrange the best time for our Skype call


As a natural-born leader mentoring and helping others realise their potential has always come naturally to me.

However, I truly believe we are all born to lead, influence, inspire and achieve great things in our life.
So it’s with this in mind that i have created this service. My wish is that it allows me to connect with raw, driven, talented people, empowering them to create with integrity and carve out the roadmap to realising their dreams.

Throughout my long career in print and digital media as an Associate Editor and Fashion and Lifestyle director and now as an Entreprenuer, I have helped shape the careers of ambitious men and women. Together we mapped out where they wanted to go and worked out the steps they would need to take to get there. Many remain friends today and to me that is very special.

This service is for:

  • Brands looking to elevate their brand and need help creating and executing a creative strategy

  • Individuals looking to pivot from their current industry, launch their own business or break into the creative industry

  • Anyone who needs guidance and support in creating a roadmap to chase their goals

What I offer:


  • Feedback on business idea

  • Advice and direction on career / business goals

  • Assistance creating roadmap for business plans or desired career path

  • Brainstorming business ethos and direction

  • Practical advice on next best steps to establish your business / find job opportunities

  • Contacts for experts who can assist you in establishing your new business properly ie registering your business / gst etc

  • Advice on how to how to manage a full-time job with a side business

  • Tools to manage stress and keep your mind and body healthy

  • Access to my contacts across many areas of business and the creative industry


  • Brainstorming the core message of your brand

  • Assistance defining your target market and how to understand their needs

  • Analysis and feedback on your brand - the messaging through to creative execution

  • Analysis and advice on your creative assets - campaign shoots, content and marketing imagery

  • Reevaluating what is working for your brand and how you can fix what is not

  • Advice on PR, Social Media and Influencer Marketing strategy

  • Brainstorming revenue generation, content and collaboration opportunities

  • Access and introductions to my contacts across many areas of business and the creative industry