Hello, I'm Rosie 

To know why I am so passionate about style and personal styling, I need to go back where it all started. At one time in my life, I was that chubby girl in the playground who was often bullied. I was ridiculed and teased and kids made fun of me. 

But instead of letting this experience consume me,  I used it to make me stronger - and much bigger than my minute 5-ft nothing stature. 

And through my love for fashion and style, even right from a young age, I transformed myself into a confident woman admired for her style, substance - and shoe collection. 

This is when I realised the power of style – the way it could change the way you feel and walk. The way it shapes how others perceive you. The way I can use it to positively impact and empower others. 

Fast forward to 2019, I have over 16 years styling and wardrobe curation know-how and am highly sought after for event dressing, personal styling, corporate workshops and branding photoshoots. I work with men and women across a range of professions for style makeovers, wardrobe edits and personal shopping. 

I am a big believer that looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand and a curated wardrobe that complements your shape, build and reflects your personality is key to always making sure you’re putting your best foot forward in every situation. 

You have the power to transform yourself I will you show my top secrets, best tips and share my years of knowledge to make it all happen. READ MORE ABOUT ME HERE