STYLE MASTERCLASS: How To Master All-Black Dressing

Let's discuss all-black outfits...

In the last few weeks this topic of wearing all-black has come up over and over with my personal stying clients and Instagram family.

Feedback suggests it divides opinion.

Some of you said that it makes you feel sophisticated and classic, but on the flip-side some said they feel too dark, like they are going to a funeral, while others expressed they feel it indicates you have boring style and one of my clients admitted she wears all-black to hide behind it.

First things first. How you feel in your clothes is all about the intention behind it. If your intention is to feel good in your outfit, then you will! If your intention to dress in all-black is to hide behind it, then that is how your will feel.

Personally, when I wear all-black I feel classic, edgy and effortless.
I love all black because it lets my shoes and accessories do the talking - and being a shoe-girl that is quite fine by me. It also makes me feel pulled together, confident and feeling like I mean business.

I also love that you can use many of your existing pieces and mix them up in a way that makes them feel fresh and sophisticated.

And even though it is quite a simple look to pull off, there are definitely some tips and tricks you can use to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Here are my Top 3 Tips for styling an all-black look and also three outfits I recently wore to inspire you to experiment with your all-black styling.

  • Mix Up Your Textures: the key to letting an all-black outfit shine is mixing your textures. Incorporate shiny, matte and dense fabrics like denim, leather and silk or satin with a range of textured fabrics. Think sheer self-printed pieces, lace fabrics and even fringing and faux fur.

  • Incorporate An Interesting Silhouette Or Print:
    The construction of a piece can play a big part in the overall look of an outfit. Strong silhouettes like a statement sleeve, a power shoulder or pants with an bold flare-leg can really make an all-black outfit pop! Incorporating a printed black tee also adds X-factor. As you can see in my outfit below. Given black is timeless, i generally tend to spend a little more and choose good quality fabrics - ie leather, silk, wool, denim.
    Also when I am considering a designer purchase, I tend to choose to buy black or another classic colour.


  • Team with Standout Accessories
    As I mentioned above keeping your outfit all-black allows your accessories to pop. So if you have a fabulous pair of shoes or a bag you want to steal the show teaming them with all-black works a treat. Gold and silver accents also work well with all-black for a little bit of rock n toll attitude.


The Black Edit

These are a some of the classic black pieces every girl needs in her wardrobe.